Advanced Skin Care Treatments

Proudly featuring G.M. Collin® Paris Anti-Aging Clinical Treatments

Botinol Treatmentbotinol
Botinol Facial is an exciting new no-needle derma exclusive treatment. This innovative, clinically proven procedure combines five peptides with retinol, for a BOTOX-like effect. The intensive preventative and corrective treatment helps reduce wrinkles. After just one treatment, expression lines and wrinkles appear more relaxed and visibly younger.
75 minutes | 150

Sea “C” Spa
Indulge in this signature skin nourishing and renewal treatment. In combining with 100% pure Vitamin C, seaweed patches and an organic mud mask which will give spectacular anti-aging collagenresults, by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. This clinical treatment also provides deep hydration while improving microcirculation, cell regeneration and the skin’s natural defense mechanism.
70 minutes | 120

Say good-bye to fine lines and wrinkles. It is an exceptional treatment for fatigued or mature skin that is unable to retain sufficient moisture. It also provides outstanding results in termssea c of epidermal regeneration, hydration and wrinkle smoothing. By using a mask for the face and neck made of pure collagen, formulated on the original structure of collagen in the skin. The results will amaze you!
75 minutes | 135

Glycolic Peel Facial
A customized Glycolic serum for your skin types, which breaks down the mortar holding damage skin cells in place. Our esthetician can then sweep away those dry, dead cells allowing for better hydration and the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles.
60 minutes | 110

Four Layer Facial
This mineral-rich, unique four-layer mask is created from ingredients found in the ocean.  Seaweed serum, hydrating cream, a seaweed mask and warm mineral mask work together to provide intense moisture and smooth the skin.
60 minutes | 120

Back Facial
Purifies and tones back with extraction, includes a custom mask and scalp/neck massage.
60 minutes | 75

Add-Ons to Any Facial

Ampoules: Caviar (firming), hyaluronic (hydration), or lightening (hyperpigmentation) | 12
Pharmaceutical enzyme treatment | 20
Lip mask | 15
Eye Contour mask | 20
AHA peel | 35
Collagen mask treatment | 40
ALGOMASK (cooling mask treatment great for sensitive skin and rosacea) | 40
Glycolic Peel | 35