Vein Reduction

Soleil offers an effective method for the treatment for Spider and Varicose Veins

Key Benefits:leg_veins_ba

  • Safe and effective treatment for various diameters and depths of leg veins
  • No need for injections
  • Minimal risk of side effects

The non-invasive laser treatment of unsightly leg veins is one of the most requested yet most challenging of aesthetic procedures. Because of the various diameters, depths and pressures found with these vessels, their treatment often requires a wide range of wavelengths, pulse widths and fluences. Using a combination of therapies, such as those included on the Harmony®XL system, we are able to treat both superficial and deep telangiectasias as well as telangiectatic matting and hemosiderin staining.

Please remember that results vary depending on individual cases and severity.

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